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you dont have to put on pads to be a saint

Our club could not exist without the hard work and committment of a dedicated group of volunteers and we have a number of vacancies for football fans and enthusiasts for whom playing is not an option.  


Whether your playing days are beyond you, you're a little too young to take the field, or just don't fancy the headaches on Monday morning, there's still plenty of ways to take part.


We're currently recruiting to the following positions:


Chain Gang


Not as punishing as it may sound! The chain gang are responsible for moving the chain along the sideline and displaying vital game information so people are aware of what stage the game is in.


More info:   Chain Crew


Water People


A role so important it even got it's own movie! We need to make sure that the players get their dose of high quality H2O so they are ready to take on all comes and compete from the first quarter to the fourth.


More info:   The Waterboy




What is football without stats? Enjoy the game and get your fix of geeky stuff at the same time, we all love stats!




We also need people on game days to help our game day manager with a whole host of enjoyable tasks. If you are interested in any of the above roles or think you can contribute in any other way then please get in touch here


If volunteering isn't for you, click to find out more about coaching, supporting or playing.